Petition for Telkom to improve ADSL in Panorama, Parow by installing a Mini DSLAM

ADSL internet access in Panorama, Parow is severely limited due to the sheer distances between it and the nearest Telkom exchange. Our residence is exactly 5.29KM from the nearest exchange in Parow, causing intermittent connectivity and very low line speeds.

After multiple fault reports to Telkom, a technician revealed that there are plans for the installation of a Mini DSLAM near Hendrik Verwoerd Drive. This would dramatically shorten the transmission distance over copper cable, solving our connectivity issues. Similar systems have already been installed in the suburb of Plattekloof.

However, it has been a year since our first complaints and Telkom have no immediate plans to go ahead with this installation. Meanwhile, our ADSL connectivity is getting worst every month, probably due to an increase in amount if ADSL subscribers in the area.

Please help our cause by signing this digital petition – with enough signatures, I hope that Telkom will finally listen and improve their ageing infrastructure in our area.

Edit: See the comments below for more updates as well as suggestions for alternatives to ADSL.

Edit 2: 2016-02-09 – I spoke to a Telkom technician this morning who was busy working on the new MSAN installed in Sering street – he said he heard the cut-over date to the new system is the second week of March and people in the area can expect speeds of up to 40Mb/s, depending on how close to the new infrastructure they are located.

Petition for Telkom to improve ADSL in Panorama, Parow by installing a Mini DSLAM


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