My unexpected visitor

Saturday afternoon, I was quite surprised to see a rather large snake slither into my house from my back yard.

I grabbed my camera and took some rather close-up shots of it hiding behind a cooler box.

Thinking it was a rather harmless mole-snake, I moved the cooler box in an attempt to scare the animal back where it came from, but to my surprise, this rather non-docile snake reared up its hooded head, ready to strike. I have never moved so fast!

Considering my options, I phoned 10111 for some “advice”. The lady on the other end, amidst muted laughter, assured me that the she’ll send the police. Not even 2 minutes later, the police arrived. After a quick search, it turns out the snake had gone into hiding.

Unable to assist any further, the police called in a snake expert to assist.  After tearing up my garage and kitchen, he found it hiding in my kitchen cupboard.


One deadly Cape Cobra, ready to strike.

The snake was stuffed into a bag for transport – hopefully to a place far, far away from me!

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