Syncing TomTom GPS watch activities to Discovery Vitality

Edit 2016-04-01 – As far as I know, Discovery have disabled integration with MapMyFitness and Strava for all new TomTom watches since April 1st, 2016. Existing TomTom watch users that had MapMyFitness or Strava integrations added on their Vitality profile before 1 April will still have their workouts synced with Vitality. Apparently, TomTom is busy working on a integration which will allow TomTom watch users to sync their workouts directly with Vitality. There should be a announcement from Discovery as soon as this integration goes live.

If you are a member of Discovery Health medical aid and use its Vitality service, it is possible to link your TomTom GPS watch (TomTom Runner, Cardio or Multisport watches) so that your activities are uploaded automatically to the Living Vitality exercise tracker.


The Vitality workout tracker uses MapMyFitness, which is an activity tracking website similar to Strava or Endomondo, to log any workouts added to the Vitality site. This means that if we can export our TomTom activities to the correct MapMyFitness account, it will appear automatically in the Vitality workout tracker. Luckily for us, TomTom has added the ability to export to MapMyFitness from the MySports Connect software, allowing us to automate the upload of activities to Vitality as well.

Note – Vitality creates a MapMyFitness account for you using an auto-generated username and password. If you already had a MapMyFitness account before starting to use Vitality to log workouts, it is important to know that Vitality will not use your existing account, even if your usernames and passwords are the same for Vitality and MapMyFitness.

So, let’s get started…

Step 1 – Head over to the Living Vitality website, click the “Login” button and log in to your vitality account

Step 2 – From the top-right navigation menu, hover your mouse cursor over the “Vitality” heading which should open up a very large navigation menu. Look for the “Your Profile” link under the “Vitality Community” subheading. If you can’t find it, use your browser’s built in search function (Press Ctrl and F together which opens the search dialog – now type “Profile” and click search). Click on the “Your Profile” link.

Step 3 – Scroll down until you see the section titled “Change your MapMyFitness password”. Look for the “Username” field – there should be a username filled in – save this username somewhere safe. (If you do not see this information, please see *disclaimer at the bottom of this post). Change the password now so that it is set to something that you can remember – enter the new password and confirm password fields and press “Update”.

Step 4 – Next, we need to configure TomTom’s MySports Connect software to upload any new activities to MapMyFitness. To do this you need to make sure your software is up to date – usually when your PC is started up, it pops up a notification if your software is out of date – as long as you have updated the software recently, you’ll be good to go. Make sure your watch is connected to the PC and open the MySports Connect application.

Step 5 – On the main application window, select “Settings” and click on the “Upload & Export” tab. Click on the “Add” button. Select “MapMyFitness” from the export options and click “Add”. This will open a browser window that will open the MapMyFitness website. Log in using the username obtained in Step 3 and the new password you entered on the Vitality site. If you were already logged in, make sure the account you are logged into is the same as the one configured in Vitality. Next, the site will ask you to confirm if you want to connect the TomTom MySports software – go ahead and confirm – you should be all set.

Step 6 – Once you have logged at least one workout and the MySports Connect software has finished uploading and exporting your activity, log into the Vitality website again (see step 1) to see that the workouts are being synced correctly. In the Vitality navigation menu, look for the “Workout tracker” link under the “Gym and Fitness” subheading and click it. Now scroll down until you see the graph – it should show your activities plotted for the last week.

If you had any trouble setting up the automatic syncing, please drop me a comment below and I’ll see if I can help out.

*Disclaimerif you do not see a MapMyFitness username on the Vitality website, or the option to change your MapMyFitness does not appear on the site, it is possible that it only creates the MapMyFitness account once you log at least one workout (You will have to have set your MySports Connect software to export to .FIT or .GPX files before so that you have something to upload). Upload a single workout to the Vitality workout tracker and see if the MapMyFitness account details appear. If so, please drop me a comment so I can amend this guide.

*Disclaimer 2 – I do not work for Discovery Health and am not affiliated with them in any way.

36 thoughts on “Syncing TomTom GPS watch activities to Discovery Vitality

  1. Hi, thank you for the help on linking vitality to mapmyfitness from my TomTom. Once I followed all the instructions and linked mapmyfitness I discovered that I have two accounts. One that is generated from vitality and one I have that my runs from TomTom are linked. The one that is linked to vitality shows 0 runs and the one with a different username has all the runs. My question is how do I sync my TomTom to my vitality mapmyfitness Acc? Do I delete the one with the runs that has a different username to the vitality? Hmmm! Confusing !

  2. Good morning , ok yes it’s that simple – followed all the instructions – worked perfectly but now I discovered I have two Mapmyfitness accounts ! The one that is linked to my vitality is not linked to my TomTom Acc so shows no runs – the other mapmyfitness Acc is linked to my tom tom Acc and has all the runs . The question now is how to delete the one or link my vitality mapmyfitness to my tom tom – funny I wondered why I had to icon of my watch on my task bar at the bottom !!

    • Hi Linda. Vitality will create it’s own MapMyFitness account for you, even though you might have set up a MapMyFitness account before (you will notice the Vitality username for the MapMyFitness account has a some numbers appended to make sure the username is unique – this has been auto-generated by Vitality). You must just make sure that your TomTom MySports Connect software is pointing to the same MapMyFitness account that is used by Vitality – See step 5 above. Perhaps log out of any sessions with an existing MapMyFitness account before you perform step 5, and make sure to log in with the username and password from the Vitality website (from Step 3).

    • Hi,please assist. I have a TomTom Cardio spark 3 and is a swimmer. It is linked with my Discovery app, but I dont earn any points for swimming. Is there a setting on the device I should change?

  3. Really appreciate this. Discovery’s recommended manual upload is too much of a pain, especially if you want to use the TomTom app.

  4. hi,
    how do I add my existing mapmyfitness account to vitality? there does not see to be an opportunity to do that as you are assigned a login already?
    please advise

    • Hi Simon, unfortunately I don’t know of a way to associate your Vitality account with an existing MapMyFitness account, other than the account it creates for you.

  5. Hi – Quick question: Currently my Running activity with Nike+ is linked to Vitality (as do my visits to Virgin Active) and this all works very well. Can I add my Tom Tom for my Swimming activity be linked to Vitality so that both Running and Swimming activities are linked to Vitality ?

    • Hi Antony, I am not sure if swims earn you any points – I will have to test it out and get back to you! Either way, I usually hit the maximum number of points from exercise pretty early in the year, so not really worth the effort getting ALL of your workouts on Vitality.

  6. I am really struggling to sync my TomTom run to Discovery. It appears there is no way to upload manual workouts now, if you click the link it just takes you to the section to add a device.

    I can find the “Change your MapMyFitness password” section on my profile.

    Any ideas – they seem to have so many devices except the TomTom run which is a great watch

  7. Thanks for the exact and precise steps to link the TomTom watch. I tried to figure it out through the “Fitness devices” section for along time and it failed to work. Wouldn’t have been able to figure it out without these directions. The Discovery call centre agents did not have any idea on how to do it either. Thank you.

  8. Morning, I did all the above steps and all looks to be sorted. I am logged in and authorized to sync. My workouts however do not automatically sync with Mapmyfitness. What did I miss?

    • Hi Francois, how long since you completed the steps? The vitality workouts can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days to sync. If it still won’t sync, I would suggest also exporting to Strava and importing from there (Strava is awesome anyway, so highly recommended). If you still don’t have any luck, contact the support people as a last resort. Discovery’s website and apps are quite buggy in general, so sometimes you have to try a few times and do different things before it starts working! Good luck!

  9. Hi there
    My workouts are automatically uploaded to Vitality from my TomTom watch through the MapMyFitness app. However, looking at the points allocated for these runs (100 points instead of 300 for 10k in less than 60 minutes in terms of the 2016 points system), it seems that Vitality only looks at the steps taken and that the pace of the run is not registered at all (even though this is shown in TomTom Sports Connect and on MapMyFitness. I have approached Discovery about this, but have not received feedback as yet. Any idea what I am missing? (I run without a heart rate monitor.)

    • Hi Inge, I think you are right. 10km in less than 60 minutes gives you a average speed of over 10km/h. This is higher than the required 7.2km/h for the 30 to 60 minute allocation of 300 points. I noticed the same thing after my run yesterday – I completed 19.9km at a pace of 5:37 min/km. This translates to a speed of over 10km/h as well, well higher than the requirements for 600 points (90-119 minutes at 5.5km/h). Instead I received 300 points, with the description saying “12500 steps completed”. By the way I just checked again to confirm this and it has since changed to 1500 points! (90 – 119 min vigorous workout). I think they are ironing out bugs at the moment, so perhaps check again after a day to see if it changed? Otherwise, I would suggest using a heart rate monitor for now since that does indeed track the points correctly! Good luck 🙂

      • A pace of 5:37min/km over 20km! Something I can aspire to 😉 Yes, it seems it is a problem on their side (apparently they are working on it). Bought a heart rate monitor yesterday, so hopefully that sorts it out! Thanks Neil!

      • Hi Neil

        I had the same issue above with the steps being counted and not the heart rate/pace. Mine hasn’t seemed to correct itself yet. I’m wondering, do you have a mapmyfitness premium account? Or just the free one. Because I see with the free you can’t see your HR data, which is why I think maybe it isn’t releasing to Vitality either?

        • Hi Andrew. I spoke to a buddy recently who also reported the same thing – only gets about 100 points for a workout based on steps alone and it never updates to proper workout points. I would suggest sending the Discovery support people an email about your problem as it is clearly a recurring issue on their side – By the way, I have a normal MapMyFitness account (not premium). The only other thing I can suggest is to also add Strava integration (I have both linked to my Vitality account).

  10. My Tom Tom shows the activities in map fitness but the upload to vitality is intermittent I.e some go through but not all? Any ideas how to make it more reliable?

  11. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the step by step instructions, I managed to do all of these last night but now my TomTom my sports app will not sync with the Mapmyfitness app? I cant seem to get the two apps/websites to talk to one another. Is there a step that I missed?

  12. Hi Neil,

    Nothing seems to show up, it is as if I need to import the workout but then that asks me to do so from one of the of the other programs such as, Polar, Strava, Garmin, etc.

    I am missing the step on how to upload my current workout on TomTom my sports app to the Mapmyfitness. I’m not sure if im missing a setting or what.

    • If you performed step 5 above correctly then MapMyFitness will show up on the linked sites under settings. When you go for a run and reconnect your watch via USB, the TomTom app will open browser windows to all the fitness sites you have linked to. This will give you an opportunity to check which sites and which accounts at those sites your workouts are exported to. Then just ensure your Vitality is correctly linked to the same accounts.

      If you struggle with MapMyFitness, try Strava as well – Vitality also supports Strava integration.

        • Hi,

          I am having the exact same problem. I can see my workouts in the my sports app, but even though I have added mapmyfitness and it says the connection is successful, nothing seems to be exporting to mapmyfitness…..

          • Hi Stephanie – just check that the account you use to login to MapMyFitness to check your workouts is the same as the one you configured in the TomTom app.

  13. my tomtom app indicates that it is linked to mapmyfitness and on the mapmyfitness app i can see the activities being tracked however it does not sync with vitality?

    Username: Error retrieving MMF account information

    I also can not find the link to discovery on the mapmyfitness web page?:

    “When resetting your password, the MapMyFitness website will ask you for the email address Vitality has on record for you. To find the email address Vitality has on record for you, click the ‘Edit’ button on the ‘This is me’ block seen on this page”

  14. It seems that discovery have taken away the mapmyfitness app. Is there any other way to log my activities from my TOMTOM device?

    • As far as I know, Discovery have disabled integration with MapMyFitness and Strava for all new TomTom watches since April 1st, 2016. Apparently, TomTom is busy working on an integration which will allow TomTom watch users to sync their workouts directly with Vitality. There should be a announcement from Discovery as soon as this integration is live.

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